Solutions for Auto & Moto Industries

In the smart world of the future, consumers will expect a different way of moving: safe, personalized and sustainable. 
At Bitron, we use our innovation to be always a step ahead in the automotive industry. 
We have studied smart solutions to assure our place in the upcoming era of e-mobility. 

Bitron is a leading global supplier thanks to a wide product portfolio including HMI, powertrain, transmission, chassis, e-mobility, motorcycles and industrial vehicles with dedicated product applications.
Our manufacturing plants locations grant us a global footprint which allows us to be physically close to OEM’s, finding the best solutions even for critical applications. 

Bitron Mobility R&D

Our competencies

Each solution is the result of a long commitment of R&D. Our skills and Know-How are always guiding every design and implementation process.
Our competencies in the automotive industry are:

ECU design with Automotive Standards

Our designer team has a great experience in working according to automotive EMI/EMC regulations and testing processes. Bitron’s framework, supported by AUTOSAR, ASPICE and main automotive software testing tools benefits from the use of standardized procedures.  

Mechatronics product design capabilities

Bitron’s mechatronics solutions provide sensor feedbacks, advanced diagnostics and customizable movements. These features grant efficient solutions in terms of longer product life and better power management. 
Our simulation capability: thermal, mechanical FEM, optical, fatigue, electromagnetic, and vibration. 

Aesthetics part design

In Bitron, we can rely on a research center, specifically dedicated to the design of aesthetic parts. Strong of more than 40 years long experience in the production of visible switches, we own the best expertise in this business sector. 

Cyber Security

We are able to design Secure ECU architectures, in accordance with international regulations (ISO 21434, TISAX, EVITA project, HIS/SHE).
Data protection is granted by advanced Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality verifications.

Functional Safety: ASIL D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level D) design capabilities.

In Bitron the “Safety Culture” has always been a key pillar, even before the introduction of ISO 26262 normative. Our designers take care of all aspects of the products impacted by Safety Functions: Hardware, Software and Mechanical. In addition, Bitron Safety Managers ensure the exchange of this knowledge in all plants. 

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We put our skills and technology into each area of application, in order to develop complete solutions covering the entire production cycle.