• What short- and long-term goals have you set for the finance department?

The Bitron Group has experienced considerable growth in recent years, and despite its financial strength, it needs to be increasingly prepared for market changes and the ability to respond promptly to those transformations. My first focus will be on this crucial aspect. The dynamic market landscape requires on our part a readiness to learn and adapt quickly so that we are able to meet the challenges we face with swiftness. The Group's financial structure must align with these requirements; we cannot afford to be overly anchored in the past and run the risk of being unprepared for change. Moreover, our three Business Units, Automotive, Electronics and Electromechanics, refer to as many sectors, each with specific implications. As a Group, it is imperative that we carefully consider these differences within our processes. My goals will be closely related to these dynamics: I will work to prepare the Bitron Group to respond effectively to the challenges that the industry will present to us.

  • How do you plan to build and develop your team and what will be your first actions to foster an effective and collaborative work environment?

I am a firm believer in the essentiality of teamwork, especially in a multinational context where it is crucial to establish strong relationships with employees distributed in various plants around the world. Sharing the challenges imposed by the Group is essential. Since joining Bitron, I have initiated an internal audit process to map the resources at our disposal and thoroughly understand their strengths, skills and any difficulties. The goal is to provide as much support as possible for their work. As a result of this assessment process, some positions will be redefined based on individual competencies, and major acquisitions are expected in view of the current corporate reorganization. The priority remains, as always, to ensure that the Bitron Group is financially ready for all eventualities, with particular emphasis on the possibility of synergies with other groups.

  • Have you identified areas where you think processes could be optimized or systems improved?

To achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, it is essential to be supported by appropriate systems and tools. In the event that such resources have not yet been implemented in the company, I will personally work to ensure that this happens. I have already identified areas where the adoption of specific software will be crucial to making key business decisions. It goes without saying that the introduction of new systems will be accompanied by specific training for the entire internal staff, thus ensuring that the entire group is prepared and properly trained to use these resources effectively.

  • What are your first moves to build effective relationships with other business managers?

When asked this question, I like to summarize the answer in one sentence, "A united management is the key to business success." Upon joining Bitron, I found a management that is extremely competent in its role. From my side, I am ready to offer maximum cooperation and availability to my colleagues to help make our Group even greater. Management's responsibility is to create the fundamental structure for the company. Through my knowledge of Bitron, I have recognized the competitiveness of the products and the enviable know-how of the people; now, it is up to us managers to create a structure that can make the most of these valuable resources.

  • How are you going to balance innovation with the need to maintain the stability of the company?

Change is essential, but it must be managed with prudence and discernment. Although I have stressed the importance of adapting quickly to the market and its challenges, this does not imply erasing everything that has been accomplished in the past. I prefer to speak of evolution rather than revolution. The decisions made in the past were not wrong; on the contrary, they were the right choices that contributed to the Group's current success. Times have changed, and this requires finding the most appropriate alternatives for our present to ensure continued growth. The goal is to demonstrate that there is an alternative approach to achieving goals: incorporating the best of what is new and applying it successfully in Bitron. This is what I mean by evolution.