In a time where the importance of civic education continues to resonate, Bitron takes immense pride in its active involvement in the "Viva la Costituzione, la Costituzione è viva!" project, an educational initiative presented by Fondazione Art. 49 ETS. This initiative involves 8000 students and 200 schools from all Italian regions. 

Bitron's partnership with Fondazione Art. 49 ETS, aimed at enriching the civic awareness of Italy's primary school students, reflects our profound commitment to societal development. This project strives to empower young minds by fostering a deep understanding of the values enshrined in the Italian Constitution. These values invite Bitron, as a company, to take concrete actions to bridge the gap between these principles and our reality. 

At the core of this initiative lies the belief that education is the catalyst for transformative change. Bitron recognizes that the Constitution is not merely a legal document but a living blueprint for democratic coexistence. By participating in "Viva la Costituzione, la Costituzione è viva!" Bitron is actively investing in nurturing tomorrow's leaders. 

Bitron, as a corporate entity, takes its social responsibility seriously. We firmly believe that our role extends beyond the confines of our business. It encompasses a commitment to invest in the future and leave a tangible mark on the regional and, even more so, national territory. 

Bitron is honored to be a part of a project that reinforces the principles of inclusion and active citizenship, as outlined in the Constitution. We stand proud to support initiatives that bring the Constitution to life, bridging the gap between its principles and reality. Our corporate philosophy aligns harmoniously with the goals of the "Viva la Costituzione, la Costituzione è viva!" project. 

In closing, our partnership with Fondazione Art. 49 ETS in this noble mission serves as a testament to our commitment to building a brighter, more informed future for all.