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Bitron was present at the presentation of the new ''Solitaire - The Waterbase,'' a completely new application that makes the sink present in kitchens "smarter."  In addition to the classic standard functionality of dispensing hot/cold water, controlled in flow and temperature, it offers dispensing of boiling, filtered, chilled and sparkling water, to which other accessory features are added.

Within this project, in addition to the valves, there are three fully designed Bitron boards, two of which are crucial to the proper functioning of Solitaire: the Control Module and the Valve Control Board

This BSH project took 4 years and involved the R&D Team in Venice, led by Giulio Val for the electronic part, and the Elbi Team in Collegno for the electromechanical part, with various iterations of both hardware and software technical solutions, as well as different control valve technologies. 

A great deal of work, carried out to arrive at the definition of this innovative equipment for which BSH used  the new dedicated "Solitaire" brand.

Find out more about Solitaire here: https://www.solitaire-home.com/de/