The Training on the LEAN model and the redesign of workflows is the work in progress course that the Controlling Team of Bitron Electronics is tooking part.

The Toyota Kata method, used for this training, consists in the daily practice of specific routines or behavioral patterns, which allow to progressively modify the way in which people think and behave, that is the organizational culture.

These schemes, the kata, are aimed at making people learn a method of continuous improvement (Kata of Improvement).
These kata try to use a scientific way of proceeding to navigate uncertainty with efficacy and positive feeling.

The Toyota Kata allows to examine organizational processes and to act on them through activities aimed at their continuous improvement, setting highly challenging objectives and using problem solving techniques, in particular the experimentation approach known as Plan-Do-Check-Act

The working group, also through an exciting game phase, was called to examine the organizational processes and act on them through activities aimed at continuous improvement.