If we’d ask you what image comes to mind if we say "Italy” and "automobile," we’re pretty sure that these two words evoke fantasies of sleek sports cars and roaring engines. However, a new narrative is emerging that is electric, sustainable, and forward-thinking. In a reportage series titled “Run Electric” by The Watcher Post, Bitron’s journey unfolds and puts the spotlight on the innovative progress being made by our company. In the last decades, Bitron, with roots dating back to the 1950s in Turin, has evolved into a global leader with multiple specializations, including the electronics component for EV charging systems. This discussion with Roberto Bellessa, CEO of Bitron Electronics S.p.A., a Bitron Group Company, and Alberto De Ros, Grugliasco (TO) Plant Director, aims to show Bitron’s commitment to innovation in order to meet the evolving demands of the electric mobility market.

Adaptability and foresight: the secret behind Bitron’s innovation path

Adaptability and foresight. These are two mandatory requirements for a company like Bitron, with the fond desire to be a game changer in the electrification process. This means adapting and reorganizing production processes in order to foster specialized skill sets. How can we do all of this? Our approach focuses more and more on tailoring solutions, research and development investments, and partnerships to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

This driving force that pushes us towards new innovation horizons remarks how Italy’s potential as a global hub for electric mobility is clear. From this perspective, a vibrant vision for a sustainable automotive future and a strong commitment to creativity and innovation put Bitron in a leading position toward e-mobility excellence. The participation in the “Run Electric” series underlines Bitron’s resilience and adaptability: we champion sustainability, innovation, and collaborative progress, and we are ready to shape the future of electric mobility on a global scale, one detail at a time.