Embark on a journey, exploring the transformative landscape of Bitron through the lens of our Chief HR Officer Enrica Naretto. Join her reflective narrative, unveiling the dynamic experiences since her arrival. This interview offers insights into the integral role of HR in cultivating innovation, adaptability, and a culture that cherishes diversity.

How would you characterize your experience at Bitron since your arrival?

It has been intense and exciting. It's my first time in a family company after many years in multinational corporations with headquarters abroad, and it's a captivating dimension. The immediacy in contact with the Board and the speed in decision-making are very beneficial, without having to navigate the long chain of command typical of foreign corporations.

Your arrival in Bitron seems to have marked the beginning of a significant transformation in the company. What are the primary drivers behind this change?

The company has experienced substantial growth in recent years and now feels the need to establish an organization more aligned with the diverse businesses it manages. We need to focus on processes, systems, and organization, fostering a managerial culture that is even more inclusive, supportive of the business, and consistently oriented toward talent development.

How have notable changes or initiatives in HR supported the company's transformation, and in what ways has the role of HR evolved to foster a culture of innovation and adaptability?

We are establishing a Corporate HR Team tailored to the family company structure. This team will build shared processes with Business Units and plants across different continents, serving as a stimulus and guide to tackle future challenges. HR has a dual objective of changing itself and assisting other functions in their transformations. I hope to actively support the company through this process.

How do you prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in this transformation?

I envision a future where we don't have to discuss it as a managed process anymore. At that point, true diversity integration will have been achieved. We have created a dedicated HR function, evident from our LinkedIn page and website, spearheading initiatives to prepare our managers and employees for this transformation as a significant value addition. It's about developing our potential and showcasing our company to the external world.

What advice do you have for HR professionals in other organizations undergoing significant transformation?

Take small steps; change needs to be digested gradually. Persevere to solidify results, always involving the team to make them feel like change protagonists.

How do you foresee the evolution of HR's role in the future, and what are the long-term goals for the HR department in supporting the company's growth and success?

HR must stay current, understanding new trends internally and in the market that can impact talent attraction and growth. It should then have the ability to convey these trends to company leaders and integrate them into internal processes. This is my challenge.