Bitron Electronic China has set out an incredible route in the industrial environment, developing into a technologically advanced powerhouse. This journey proves not just our dedication to innovation, but also our ability to foresee industry trends and provide advanced technological solutions. Davide Praino, Plant Manager of Bitron Electronic China, joins us for this interview to discuss the vision and passion that drives BEC into the future, as well as the strategies and initiatives that keep us at the forefront of the industry. 

  1. How has the Bitron Electronic China factory changed over time in terms of manufacturing and technology used? 

In recent years, Bitron Electronic China has experienced substantial expansion and development. We began with a strong basis in manufacturing components for home appliances and have since expanded our skills to encompass high-tech industries such as automotive, EV charging, and energy meters. This achievement makes us proud since it demonstrates our capacity to adapt to changing market needs and adopt cutting-edge technologies. 

  1. What market trends have a substantial influence on the facility's present and future operations? 

Current industry changes, particularly in the EV charging and energy metering areas, are influencing our future direction. Despite global economic concerns, we are focused on increasingly sophisticated and value-added goods, motivated by a desire to remain industry leaders and answer our customers' demands in new ways. 

  1. What steps have been made to increase the facility's environmental sustainability? 

We are fully devoted to environmental sustainability. We just implemented a solar and geothermal system in our new 2021 facility, dramatically lowering our energy use and environmental impact. These actions not only highlight our environmental dedication, but also increase our economic efficiency. 

  1. Are there any new strategic objectives that will shape the BEC facility's future direction? 

Looking ahead, we intend to increase the specialization of Bitron Group services, such as internalizing test equipment manufacture and extending R&D operations. We intend to lead the electric charging business and continue to provide new solutions to our clients. 

  1. In which components is Bitron Electronic China most specialized? 

Bitron Electronic China excels in automotive electronics and EMS services for major auto system integrators. This is a source of great pride for us and enables us to provide high-tech products to prominent global clients in the automotive sector.

  1. What strategies are employed to motivate and engage employees in achieving company objectives? 

To engage our employees, we regularly organize company events: we want every team member to feel like they're part of something bigger and to be proud of their contributions to Bitron Electronic China's success. 

  1. How does the facility promote employee well-being to align with the Group's values? 

Employee well-being is a top priority for us. Apart from upholding shared spaces and planning interactive activities, we consistently solicit input from staff members to enhance working circumstances and guarantee an enjoyable and fulfilling atmosphere for all. By highlighting areas for growth and recognizing strengths, these feedback loops help create a dynamic and engaging work environment for all.