The history of an industrial adventure, the founders

From the countryside near Cuneo to the outskirts of the city of Turin, three young men begin an industrial adventure in vibrant postwar Italy.

The handcrafted origins

On 1st August 1955, three brothers, Enrico, Giovanni and Carlo Bianco, start their first business “Fratelli Bianco in Piazza Fontanesi 1’, Borgo Vanchiglia, Turin. It all began with the rewinding of electric motors and transformers. A year later, they move to new premises in Strada della Pronda 135/17, Torino and Elbi (Elettromeccanica Bianco) is founded here.

Piazza Fontanesi, 10 - Turin - Italy
Strada della Pronda, 135 int.17 - Turin - Italy
The first employees
The first power transformers