"One of the strengths of Bitron’s Automotive Division lies in its R&D network, made up of more than 300 engineers who, despite being a single team, are strategically located in different continents to be physically close to customers in every part of the world. Design, software development with all the requirements required by the complex automotive market and product validation are just some of the specializations that our Automotive R&D Department can guarantee. Another important Bitron's competence is the deep knowledge of the process, our complete verticalization ensures the ability to develop efficient and safe processes for each component. The core of the Group are our plants, specialized to be real competence centres able to develop effective and efficient processes for themselves and for "sibling" plants: this allows us to compete on business with the giants of this sector. To conclude, Bitron is the "right reality at the right time": the skills acquired in the electronic field, the results of constant investments made throughout our history, represent everything that car makers, today, are looking for in a business partner to better address the digital shift of automotive products"

Alberto Moro
Automotive Division Director