The World Congress Experience in Detroit, Michigan is just a short time away, and Bitron will be present, April 16-18, 2024. The purpose is not only to showcase its products, but even more its expertise gained over fifty years of automotive business and innovation, promote new partnerships and its presence on the American continent. 

The vibrant air of WCX2024 will be an excellent opportunity to highlight Bitron's selection of products, from proven classics to the latest advances in innovation. Visitors will be able to hand-test the visible switches, where the union of form and function is a tangible representation of the company's innovative strength. Other technologies, such as hydrogen valves, will show the company’s dedication to sustainability, proving the company's commitment to sustainability and technological development. 

The presence of the Bitron de Mexico plant allows the Italian company to respond directly to market demands on American soil, demonstrating its expertise, commitment, and willpower towards sustainable solutions in production and reducing the distances required to reach its customers. 

As WCX2024 approaches, Bitron renews its invitation to collaborate, innovate and shape the future of automotive excellence: come see us at booth 537. Let's move together toward a brighter and more sustainable future.