Since 2014, there’s been a special day of the year where we can take a moment to be part of something greater than us. Thanks to JTWIA, to support cancer research, prevention, healthy lifestyles, inclusion and gender equality, coloring in pink the streets of Turin.

This year, under a rainy March sky, some with umbrellas and boots, some with sneakers and ready to run, together, we took our blue and turned it pink!

Because JTWIA mirrors Bitron’s core values!

Because there’s still so much to do for inclusion, gender equality and research and it is our duty to be part of it. Because we are passionate and together, we can overcome any obstacle when we are united for a common cause! So, we would like to express our warm thanks to all the people who strongly believe in our core values. To all the people who chose to wear the #weareBitron T-shirt.

Cheers to those wet smiling pink faces!
The road is still long, but our spirit and enthusiasm are indomitable.

See you again next year, ready to continue this wonderful adventure together!