We delve into the captivating world of global attraction within Bitron, accompanied by Sara Camerlo, Global Attraction and Recruiting Manager for Electronics BU. This role plays a central part in creating immersive experiences that resonate with global audiences. We will explore the significance of this function, the strategic objectives it advances, and the notable successes achieved. Furthermore, we'll examine the valuable takeaways that participants and HR people bring back home from these events, as well as the strategies employed to connect with the right target audience. Join us as we uncover the crucial role of global attraction in enhancing Bitron's business landscape.

What’s the primary role of the Attraction function within the organization?

The core function of our Attraction team within Bitron is to serve as a vital link, connecting talent with our dynamic organization. Our mission extends to introducing Bitron not only to new generations but to all age groups, especially considering that we don't have a tangible product to flaunt. In a world where we're relatively unknown, we're all about opening the doors to Bitron and laying bare our identity, while highlighting our genuine transparency.

Attraction, to us, isn't about hype or altering our reality. It's about presenting Bitron in the most authentic way, accurately reflecting our status. We're focused on introducing the Bitron brand with unwavering honesty. To me, attraction plays a dual role: it's a tool for promoting our company and a means of engaging with potential candidates who may become a part of our journey. Throughout this journey, our commitment to transparency and sincerity remains unwavering, as we align the needs of both the young and the experienced with our unique organizational requirements.

What is the primary goal behind Attraction events? How do they contribute to engaging potential candidates?

The primary objective behind our Attraction events is to align with our core values. As we continually evolve and expand, we remain committed to upholding these fundamental principles, which we consider integral to our identity. Our aim is not to present a picture of a flawless company - such entities are a rarity anywhere in the business world. Instead, our focus is on genuinely communicating our essence to the external world. Attraction serves as the first point of contact, essentially our calling card, particularly for prospective candidates and young talents. We use this platform to offer them a genuine glimpse into our corporate mindset, allowing them to truly understand and resonate with our culture.

What are some notable examples of significant successes you've achieved through specific Attraction events?

Participating in Career Day at PoliTO, one of our primary collaboration hubs, was a significant achievement for us. Being one of the 130 national and international companies at the event allowed us to establish numerous connections and engage with a substantial number of individuals at our booth. We made over 640 new connections on our personal LinkedIn profiles. If the primary function of these events is to introduce Bitron to a wider audience, we undeniably meet that objective.

Another noteworthy accomplishment was making our presence known in Torino, with the goal of targeting various profiles. At PoliTO, our focus was on engaging with engineers, but in Torino, thanks to the support of the local community, we showcased Bitron as an attractive option for diverse roles, proving that Bitron isn't limited to just engineering positions.

Furthermore, our experience in Salerno provided a valuable opportunity to illustrate our presence and further our objective of offering insight into potential career pathways for students. We aimed to guide students towards prospects that align with our company's requirements beyond their academic pursuits, and this goal was successfully achieved. These events have indeed been instrumental in broadening our reach and impact.

Looking ahead, we are already planning our participation in the 2024 Career Days at universities in Veneto and Emilia Romagna, regions where we have our R&D centers in Reggio Emilia and Venezia. Our strategic approach always considers the bigger picture, as these events allow us to engage with students who may be studying in one region but are interested in gaining experiences in different locations or wish to work closer to home. For instance, at similar events in the past, we've met students with a keen interest in pursuing internships at our Venezia or Reggio Emilia sites. These interactions demonstrate our commitment to fostering diverse talent and offer the prospect of creating valuable connections while furthering our mission for continued growth and success.

What do you, as the HR Team, take away from each attraction event?

As the HR Team, our participation in attraction events brings multiple valuable takeaways. Firstly, we actively involve colleagues from various departments whose roles align with the nature of these meetings and career days. This approach helps us convey a more genuine and firsthand perspective of what our company represents. It's about our people who make Bitron more than just a workplace; they make it a dynamic community, and this human element adds significant value to our interactions.

Additionally, we foster essential networking with other companies. In an increasingly competitive landscape, such connections are vital, enabling us to learn from other organizations, collaborate on new ideas, and create mutually beneficial opportunities. This collaborative spirit is especially prominent in career events where we connect with new generations. We acknowledge the need for guidance in today's world but also recognize the importance of new channels for attracting talent. Resumes are no longer sufficient; the evolving landscape requires more innovative approaches.

Presenting Bitron is always a unique experience, one that requires belief in our company's core values. We aim to convey our current identity rather than promising an idealized version of Bitron that doesn't exist. It's about showing who we are today while constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with the younger generation. This involves exploring new digital solutions, sharing our global reality, and learning from them how to improve. On the flip side, we guide them, recognizing that their perception of the corporate world may be different. In career events, we also establish direct connections with key figures from various educational institutions, fostering a greater exchange of ideas and collaboration between the corporate and academic spheres.

What is your approach to identifying and selecting the most effective communication channels to reach your target audience?

Our approach to identifying and selecting the most effective communication channels for reaching our target audience revolves around a commitment to constant innovation. We understand that the landscape is ever evolving, and it's imperative that we keep up with the times. This means staying attuned to emerging channels that resonate particularly well with new generations.

Furthermore, our approach is deeply rooted in sincerity and transparency. We believe that authenticity is key to establishing trust with our audience. This entails communicating our company's identity and values truthfully, without overhyping or misrepresenting. By adhering to these principles, we aim to foster genuine connections with our target audience while adapting to the changing dynamics of the communication landscape.

What advice would you offer to young candidates striving to make an impression during the selection process at a company like Bitron?

The advice I would offer to young candidates aiming to leave a lasting impression during the selection process at a company like Bitron is to focus on being themselves, not just on trying to make an impact. The reason behind this suggestion is simple but essential – when you step into a new workplace, it should align with your core values and beliefs. It's about ensuring that the company culture resonates with who you are, and vice versa. Trying to be someone you are not a recipe for discomfort down the line.

To stand out and be chosen, it's crucial to present yourself as authentically as possible. People are the same inside and outside the workplace, and this authenticity is highly valued. Be clear about what you're seeking and endeavor to understand if the company's offerings align with your needs. While skills on paper may appear similar, it's where you work that truly matters. A CV can be limiting, but your personal presentation, whether face-to-face or written, is a powerful tool for conveying your sincerity.

At Bitron, we make it a point to offer feedback and express gratitude to every individual who engages with us, regardless of the outcome. Staying connected with a candidate, even if they aren't selected, is part of our objective. We want candidates to leave the process thinking, "Even though I wasn't chosen, the process was beneficial, and I gained valuable experience." This approach fosters a positive and constructive experience for everyone involved.