Let's take a look at the vision of the new Italy Training and Development Manager Maria Laura Amato.

At Bitron, the professional development landscape is constantly evolving. Let's listen the voices of our managers who are ready to support growth and learning within their teams!

Today we want to talk with Maria Laura Amato, the new Italy Training and Development Manager.

In this interview, she tells us about her vision to promote a culture of continuous learning, generated by the continuous exchange with other departments and the empowerment of her team members.

Let’s listen directly from her voice to explore her perspective and the management philosophy that drives her forward.

At your new role in Bitron, what is your vision to ensure that people feel engaged in their own learning and professional growth?

To be effective and encourage real and continuous professional growth of every Bitron Italy colleague, the key is to empower and motivate both managers and individuals. The transition from a training to a learning paradigm, allow us to make people involved in their own professional growth. In this way learning is not yet something imposed from the external, but something you feel involved in.

How can you leverage the skills of your team members to meet the needs of individuals from different departments and contexts?

The strength of my team comes from being made up of people with different ages, backgrounds, experiences and skills. The variety of perspectives allows us to employ multiple approaches to understand the needs and requests we receive.

Can you describe your approach in collaborating with colleagues from other departments to ensure the alignment of programs with the mission and objectives of our organization?

Every training action we undertake is built and designed through constant collaboration with people.

Through our collaborative approach, we are able to select the suppliers and programs that best meet the expressed needs.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

My challenge is to be a leader who acts in harmony with the team!

“Great leaders move us. They ignite our passion and inspire us to give the best of us.” - Daniel Goleman