The best way to predict your future is to create it  (A. Lincoln)

The mobility world has changed radically in the last 2 years. The technological disruption caused by digital revolution requires, by the automotive companies, flexibility and a great ability to renew themselves.

For this reason, Bitron Automotive Division is engaged in a Strategical Technologic and Market forecasting workshop. A working team has been formed with a clear goal: to anticipate our future customers’ needs by tracing a roadmap.

We must ask ourselves: how should our products evolve? Which products will be needed by the mobility of the future?

The team participating in this workshop has been made up of members of sales and R&D departments. The specific purpose of this variety is to create a strong synergy between these two corporate entities by amplifying their ability to find striking ideas.

The target: answering these questions and drawing our skills and competences roadmap.

A crucial factor will be the internal sharing of the workshop results, spreading the knowledge and paving the way to the future Bitron Automotive way!